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Thyroid MK




We are often reminded of the reasons why we strive to support people with thyroid conditions, and no more than the following testimonials. Thank you Denise and Alison!


"I have just attended my first meeting and I was BLOWN AWAY.


I have had no support from my local GP and I was getting desperate then I came across by chance those four amazing words of hope; The Thyroid Support Group. I rang the organiser, Wilma, and straight away she gave me comforting words of advice and friendship. I put down the phone and burst into tears but I was overwhelmed by the knowledge that I was not going to have to cope all alone.


I went to the meeting and it just got better as there was a room full of knowledgeable people, having gone through all the fears and frustrations I am feeling now. They wanted to listen to me, they wanted to answer my questions, offer advice, hold my hand along the way. One lady there and then looked up on her super smart mobile to get some technical help to save me doing it, another few all said they would come to my GP with me!


Thank you to Wilma and every single person who was at that meeting".


Denise, March 2013



"I was diagnosed with under-active thyroid two years ago. I had been feeling tired and drained and thought that I needed some iron tablets so a diagnosis of under-active thyroid came as a huge unexpected shock. I'd never heard of it. Nothing was explained to me by the GP. She just gave me a form for free prescriptions and said that I would have this condition for life. She told me to come back and see her if I had any questions. Well, obviously over the next few weeks I did have some questions so went back to see her. She dismissed most of the symptoms as 'that time of life' and sent me away angry and in tears. I had never felt so alone. I was grieving for the person that I used to be but my feelings were not recognised or supported. There was no empathy for someone who had basically just been told 'you will never be the same again and you will have to ask for our help to feel better for the rest of your life'.


So I started researching thyroid conditions and was amazed to find that others with hypo-t had the same symptoms. By chance I came across the BTF website and saw that there was a Milton Keynes support group. The nearest to me, living in Northampton. I phoned Wilma who listened to me. Finally someone who understood, finally someone who agreed with me that my symptoms were thyroid related. Finally other people to speak to who had been or were going through the same experiences at the same time. I was overwhelmed with relief.


Whilst two years on I still feel angry about my condition and the fact that I have to persuade my GP to help me, especially if my blood test results fall outside the 'normal range' and at the very DIY service I have received from the GPs that I have seen, I have learned so much that I feel much more in control and have (with Wilma's advice) worked with my GP to help keep my TSH level where I feel bes, albeit outside the normal range, and also to regularly check my T4 and T3 levels which had never been done before, but are so important. BTF has give me the confidence to put my case forward as someone who knows me best - me, and to be able to manage this condition much more effectively.


I now feel so much better and am glad that I persisted when I didn't feel well still. It was Wilma's advice and support in particular that helped me get to where I am today. Sometimes I'd go so far as to say "I'm back!"


The BTF MK branch is a friendly, advice sharing group. They put on three interesting and relevant talks a year and each meeting gives you a chance to talk to others who also have thyroid conditions. I can't thank them all enough for helping me to get my life back".


Alison, March 2013



If you would like to share your experience of receiving support from the Milton Keynes thyroid group, please do get in touch.