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Previous information events



Information meeting 8th October 2016

Our last information meeting of the year welcomed nearly 40 members, with 13 of those being new that day. This event was all about information sharing and learning from others. Some brave ladies and beneficiaries of our group stood up to talk about their experiences of living with a thyroid condition. Their stories drew much interest from the other members and many questions and discussions followed. Thank you to those who spoke and encouraged others to be more assertive in dealing with their conditions.


Information meeting June 2016

We were so pleased to welcome back Dr Mark Vanderpump MB ChB MD FRCP as our speaker in June. Dr Vanderpump is President of the British Thyroid Association and published author of Thyroid Disease (The Facts) which we sell at our information event. He is also Consultant Endocrinologist in private practice with several London clinics.

Dr Vanderpump and SusanDr Vanderpump and Susan
Dr Vanderpump SpeakerDr Vanderpump


We had a great turnout to this event, probably helped by our high profile speaker, including over 20 new members.


Dr Vanderpump's presentation was on the Management of Hypothyrodism, including detailed information on combined T4/T3 therapy research and alternatives such as 'Armour'.



His presentation can be found here. For more on Dr Vanderpump's work, please visit


Information meeting - March 2016

Dr Roked

Our speaker at the meeting on Saturday 5th March Information Event was Dr Sohere Roked, a GP with a specialist interest in Integrative medicine. She spoke about her approach to getting patients to feel more energised including topics around nutrition, exercise and lifestyle. In addition, she was very knowledgeable about thyroid conditions and talked about foods and supplements which could help with fatigue. We could not fault Dr Roked's enthusiasm throughout the presentation.


Her book "The Tiredness Cure: How to beat fatigue and feel great for good" was on display and she sold and signed numerous copies on the day. We had nearly thirty new people attend this event; it was great to see so many interested in the group and our speaker. The feedback was really positive and it is fair to say that everyone took some useful information away. For more on Dr Roked's practices and some topics that she covered, visit


Information Meeting - October 2015

Information Meeting
Information meeting

At our meeting in October 2015, we were joined by three dedicated endocrinology specialists from the University of Cambridge and Addenbrookes Hospital. Firstly Dr Diana Wood MA, MD, FRCP Honorary Consultant Physician talked us through the main symptoms and diagnosis for hypothyroidism. Dr Carla Moran, Locum Consultant Endocrinologist followed with information about hyperthyroidism and finally Professor Krishna Chatterjee, Professor of Endocrinology spoke about thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer.


All of our speakers gave impressive and comprehensive talks about these topics. They were very well received judging by the number of questions our members gathered to ask them at the end. We were so pleased to be able to touch on a range of thyroid issues in one meeting that everyone in the room could relate to.


Information Meeting - June 2015

For our June 2015 meeting we were so pleased to welcome Liz Glenister, Chief Executive from Hypopara UK as our speaker. Hypopara UK is the UK's only charity for adults and children living with a rare parathyroid condition, particularly hypoparathyroidism (or hypopara). The group learnt that when the parathyroid glands are damaged - often following thyroid surgery - this can lead to complications such as low calcium levels and sometimes much more severe long term symptoms. It was kind of Liz to share her own personal story with us. Our members had questions in particular about the symptoms of low calcium levels which some could relate to. Visit for more information on their work.


We had a very busy day as we were also joined by Yvonne from community radio station Secklow Sounds who interviewed some of our volunteers, members and our speaker, Liz, for one of their shows! What an opportunity for us to tell the local people what we do!


Information Meeting - March 2015

In March 2015 we were delighted to welcome speaker, Greta Lyons, winner of the Evelyn Ashley Award, who is an Endocrine Research Nurse from the Clinical Research Facility at Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge. Greta works in a multi-disciplinary team that investigates and manages patient with rare and unusual disorders of thyroid hormone action.