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Previous information events



Information Meeting on Saturday 7th March 2020

Speaker : Carol Wright Lifecoach (Healthy Mind Matters )

Carol covered many aspects of our eating habits and the impact of sleep, stress and movement that can impinge on our diet. Following on from the introduction a full detail of dietary support for Thyroid health was discussed including the action of supplements. Presentation slides here.


Dr Vasco Fernandes
Dr Vasco Fernandes

Information Meeting on Saturday 8th June 2019

Our speaker Dr Vasco Fernandes MBBS, DCH, MRCGP, FFPHM. Retired Milton Keynes NHS Consultant Physician came to talk to our group about thyroid conditions.


His discussions and Power point presentation included:

  • A General introduction to thyroid conditions.
  • Discuss issues related to thyroid conditions.
  • Dealing with situations that may arise.
  • Latest Information and research in the headlines.

His presentation and slides were commendable as was his interaction with the audience. He took time to answer questions, was sympathetic to their needs and for those who couldn’t make the meeting a copy of his slides can be seen on request. It was a good opportunity for new members to learn about their thyroid condition and a refresher for those who have been coming to our meetings for some time.


Information Meeting on Saturday 2nd March 2019

Following on from previous feedback and evaluations, members felt that they would like a more informal session where they could have a general discussion amongst each other. To make it more successful the audience was divided into two smaller groups to allow everyone to take part. Numerous topics were covered e.g. blood tests, diet, exercise, anxiety, depression, brain fog and exchanging ideas and information from other people's experience.


Comments from new members who attended for the first time stated that “They learned a lot from the friendly helpful people – I felt relaxed and easy to talk “


We look forward to meeting you all again at our next meeting on Saturday 8th June


Information Meeting 19th May 2018

ThyroidMk was joined by Dr. Humayun, Endocrinologist, Milton Keynes University Hospital. His talk was specific to hypothyroid. The presentation can be viewed here.

Dr Asif Malik HumayunDr Asif Malik Humayun


For the first time, and with permission from our speaker, one of our team members successfully used Facebook to record and transmit his talk live to those who could not attend. Despite the "wedding of the year" we had a great turnout with 15 new members registering for the first time.


The talk covered all aspects of underactive thyroid conditions from the past to the present treatment of this very common condition (2- 3 % of the general population). Diagnosis, treatment and controversies were discussed including the issues surrounding the use of T3 and the risk of heart, bone and psychiatric hazards. The evaluations from our members commented on how patient-orientated and understanding he was in his responses. More importantly, he valued the importance of the support that local groups provide and how lucky that there was a Milton Keynes group in his area.


Information meeting 8th October 2016

Our last information meeting of the year welcomed nearly 40 members, with 13 of those being new that day. This event was all about information sharing and learning from others. Some brave ladies and beneficiaries of our group stood up to talk about their experiences of living with a thyroid condition. Their stories drew much interest from the other members and many questions and discussions followed. Thank you to those who spoke and encouraged others to be more assertive in dealing with their conditions.


Information meeting June 2016

We were so pleased to welcome back Dr Mark Vanderpump MB ChB MD FRCP as our speaker in June. Dr Vanderpump is President of the British Thyroid Association and published author of Thyroid Disease (The Facts) which we sell at our information event. He is also Consultant Endocrinologist in private practice with several London clinics.

Dr Vanderpump and SusanDr Vanderpump and Susan
Dr Vanderpump SpeakerDr Vanderpump


We had a great turnout to this event, probably helped by our high profile speaker, including over 20 new members.


Dr Vanderpump's presentation was on the Management of Hypothyrodism, including detailed information on combined T4/T3 therapy research and alternatives such as 'Armour'.



His presentation can be found here. For more on Dr Vanderpump's work, please visit www.markvanderpump.co.uk


Information meeting - March 2016

Dr Roked

Our speaker at the meeting on Saturday 5th March Information Event was Dr Sohere Roked, a GP with a specialist interest in Integrative medicine. She spoke about her approach to getting patients to feel more energised including topics around nutrition, exercise and lifestyle. In addition, she was very knowledgeable about thyroid conditions and talked about foods and supplements which could help with fatigue. We could not fault Dr Roked's enthusiasm throughout the presentation.


Her book "The Tiredness Cure: How to beat fatigue and feel great for good" was on display and she sold and signed numerous copies on the day. We had nearly thirty new people attend this event; it was great to see so many interested in the group and our speaker. The feedback was really positive and it is fair to say that everyone took some useful information away. For more on Dr Roked's practices and some topics that she covered, visit www.holistic-doctor.co.uk